Statewide Spectrum Management

Dave Schank, KA9WXN
Vice Chairman
Peter Johnson, AB9PJ
Greg Braun, N9CHA
Jim Sheetz, K9OQO
Technical Advisor

Bill Becks, WA8WG
Frequency Coordinator
Dave Karr, KA9FUR
Assistant Frequency Coordinator
Travis Augustine, W9HDG

Newsletter Editor
Gary Bargholz, N9UUR
Gary Bargholz, N9UUR


The Next Meeting of the
Wisconsin Association of Repeaters
Will Be Held:

March 7 in Wausau
Details TBD

November 2013 WAR Newsletter
November 2013 WAR Repeater Listing

WAR Bandplan
WAR Tone Plan Map

W.A.R. Officers for 2014



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