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20151129 - 01 Listing Updates - The listings data has been updated. The new data also lists "under construction" which means the repeater builder has 6 months to get the new system on the air. If for any reason it will take more than 6 months, send an email to WAR Inc. and update your status.
20151115-01 Listing Updates - The listings data has been updated... again! Frequency Coordinator, Dave Karr KA9FUR has been hard at work trying to get caught up and get the data out to our membership. If you have a pending coordination in progress by today you've most likely received an email from Dave updating you on the current status. Again... this website is always your best source of current listings!
20151112-01 Listing Updates - The listings data has been updated. Click on any of the pre-formatted listing types under "Repeater Listings" for current information. This WAR Inc. website is always your best source of current listing data.
20151030-01 What is the status of my coordination request? By far this is the most pressing issue at hand. The direct answer is to review the list of Pending & In Progress coordination requests below. Specifically, each coordination request... -more-
20151030-02 Just who is running the joint? As of September 5th, Dave Shank KA9WXN resigned his role as Chairman of WAR, Inc. And, as of September 23rd, Pete Johnson AB9PJ resigned his role as Vice Chairman. Both Dave and Pete have... -more-
20151030-04 I'm really pissed off, what in the ---- is taking so long? We've received several emails, phone calls and letters illustrating your frustration. If you've submitted a new coordination request, you need to check... -more-
20151030-05 Why do my email messages go unanswered? Partly because we understand your frustration and we're trying to do the work without spending time on... -more-
20151030-06 - What's the ARRL Repeater Directory issue all about? And to follow that up, many have asked why the data in the current publication is wrong or out of date... -more-

Coming Soon

20151109 - Coming Soon! Coordinations listed are pending and in progress. This means WAR Inc. has received your coordination request and preliminary steps have been taken including frequency modeling. Adjacent frequency coordinators have been notified and have 30 days to respond. If no objections, the next step to to issue a construction authorization.
The coordinations pending and in progress listing does not include Aux Links, Control Links or Remote Bases. It never will as these are private and not available for public release.


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Chairman - Vacant
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Secretary - Greg Braun N9CHA
Treasurer - Jim Sheetz K9OQO

Frequency Coordinator - Dave Karr KA9FUR
Technical Advisor - Bill Becks WA8WG
Newsletter Editor - Gary Bargholz N9UUR
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